Fiber Optic Cable Arrays

  • Proven design - over a quarter million shipped; many have been in continuous use for over ten years
  • Cuts cable installation and removal time by up to 6X
  • Prevent damage to units under test
  • Protect your operators from repetitive motion injuries
  • Cables can be replaced in seconds
  • Virtually indestructible

CMSolutions fiber optic cable arrays are available in a wide variety of styles. Choose from LC, SC, SFP, and internally looped SFP. Select the number of ports, cabling, spacing, color, handle style, etc. to get just the right array for your needs. Our experienced engineering team is here to help with any of your questions.

CMSolutions invented the cable array in the mid-1990's and some of our original arrays are still in use. They are virtually indestructible. Often copied, never matched, CMSolutions cable arrays are the gold standard for testing your products.