CAT6A-Based Test Systems

  • 1000 meters of CAT6A cable on a single Telco Rack
  • UTP or STP
  • Passes all standard tests including NEXT and Alien Crosstalk
  • Includes 600 lb. rated Telco Rack with wheels
  • Patch panels for quick and low cost replacement of worn ends

CMSolutions CAT6A-based test systems provide you with up to 1000 meters of terminated CAT6A cables on a single 7 foot high telco rack. Our UTP and STP systems pass all standard CAT6A test requirements (based on up to ten 100 meter cables on a single telco rack) including NEXT and alien crosstalk.

We use heavy duty, wheel-mounted racks, rated for up to 600 lbs. We typically configure our racks with 90 meter cables connected to patch panels at each end with additional 5 meter cables extending from each patch panel, for a total cable length of 100 meters, so the ends can be replaced once worn, without replacing the entire cable length. However, we are happy to configure your racks to meet your individual needs. We ship full test reports with every rack.