Custom Cable Arrays

  • Custom designs to precisely meet your needs
  • Prevent damage to units under test
  • Protect your operators from repetitive motion injuries
  • 15 years of experience
  • 100% Guaranteed

USB, HDMI, Push-on BNC, Mini-SMB, RJ45 12-Port Jack, SMB, Angled MTRJ, Offset Row RJ45, CAT6A, Infiniband. These are just some of the connectors our customers have asked us to design and make cable arrays for. We haven't seen a challenge yet we could not meet. So throw your toughest requirement at us.

CMSolutions invented the cable array in the mid-1990's and some of our original arrays are still in use. They are virtually indestructible. Often copied, never matched, CMSolutions cable arrays are the gold standard for testing your products.